Ace Of Sprays Ethos


Every one deserves to have quality paint and good service, at Ace Of Sprays I pride myself in offering just that. I know how important it is to have things looking just so.



It is important to be honest, like any relationship it all falls over without it, and the customer/painter relationship is no different.

I enjoy my work and am proud of it, so if I think a colour scheme will not look nice, I may advise against it, if a job is not in my opinion financially viable then I may advise against it. But the ultimate decision is down to the customer of course.

If I feel that It would not look good, I would rather not do it, shoddy work is no advert. The customer is always right, but some times it takes a professional eye to highlight problems or pitfalls and advise on a better solution.


What you will get:

If you want a straight forward, human, honest and friendly service and advice then I am your man. If you want unreasonable deadlines, unrealistic expectations, bend over backwards service, please move on.


The future:

I love a challenge and I am always looking to learn new effects and paint jobs. I plan to take the business forward with more emphasis on airbrush work.

I believe it is important to keep small and want to continue to offer the personal friendly service I can offer now, getting bigger would spoil that.

Less is more, keep it simple.



Unit b18, Backfeild Farm trading est, Wotton Road, Iron Acton, Bristol BS37 9XD

Tel : 07966842313