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Here is a selection of answers to some the more common queries that I receive from customers. I hope you find this helpful.

Do you take in the whole bike and strip the parts off to be worked on ?

No, unfortunately I do not have the time or the space to offer a strip and refit service. In some rare cases I may have the bike in for a minor repair to the frame or engine casing if it cannot be removed but this is at my discretion.

Do you supply mixed paint or colour matches ?

No, all my paints and sundries are externally sourced.

Do you paint Pushbike frames ?

Unfortunately this is not a service I offer, however you could contact Bristol Bicycle Restoration Co who may be able to help you.

Do you offer Brush pin striping ?

Not at present, though I am hoping to add this skill to my services in the future. I can however offer masked pin lines, from 3mm to 6mm to replicate those classic lines.

Do you offer a Media Blasting service.

Not in house, I outsource this service if necessary to RPA Bristol Motorcycle powder coating located in St Phillips near central Bristol, I can arrange parts to be shot blasted and deliver/collect if necessary.


Do you offer a lining/coating service for rusty tanks.

As this can be a grey area in terms of what is the best product and evidence of the longevity of some products I chose not to offer this. Should you feel it necessary to use a rust inhibitor or resin product I would recommend that this is done before coming in for paint, it can be a very messy process and would almost certainly damage fresh paint.

Is Metalic the same as Metalflake ?

Though similar they are often confused, Metallic is a much finer sparkle colour to that of metal flake, some times has added colored pearls for greater pearlescent effect.


Metalflake is much larger metal flake that can be either coloured or silver with a translucent candy colour and has a chunky much bolder look, often found on 70's custom paint jobs and drum kits.


Unit b18, Backfeild Farm trading est, Wotton Road, Iron Acton, Bristol BS37 9XD

Tel : 07966842313

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